Student Body Council

The Student Body Council consists of Student Body Members, lead by the Student Representative (who sits on the Advisory Council).

Student Representative

The role of the Student Representative is to provide feedback to the Nutrition Society Advisory Council on issues of relevance and importance to our student population, which can influence decisions made by the Trustees.  The Student Representative is nominated by student members and sits on the Nutrition Society Advisory Council and the Training and Education Committee.  Within both Committees, the Student Representative is invited to voice the opinions of student members ensuring their needs are met.  This gives students the opportunity to have an impact on the work of the Society helping them get the most out of their membership. 

The Student Representative term in office is two years and offers the post-holder a fantastic opportunity to shape the direction of the Society and enhance the student member experience in collaboration with the Student Body. The Student Representative is the voice of the students. His or her role is to ensure their needs are met. It also enables them to gain an invaluable insight into the work of the Society and its governance. 

Student Body

The Student Representative is supported by a Student Body.  In the past the Student Body was small, but we have gradually expanded it in size to gain much closer links with all universities teaching nutrition research at BSc, MSc or PhD level, including better links with universities and courses where nutrition and dietetics is an element of a wider course - for example, sport science, nursing or medicine.

Our Student Body members can offer us a direct link with their peer group and, working alongside the Student Representative, could help us to promote the benefits of Nutrition Society membership to new students - such as travel grants, discounts on textbooks, conferences and workshops and opportunities to present abstracts at our events. 

Being a Student Representative and a member of the Student Body also provides an opportunity to network and meet with other students at other Universities studying the same, or similar subject to you, plus the opportunity to help organise the annual Student Conference and networking and career development events during other Nutrition Society activities.

University of Southampton
Student Section Chair
Malwina Naghibi is a trained nutritionist who in 2009 graduated from MSc in Human Nutrition and Food Technology at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland. After graduation she worked at Warsaw...