The Rank Prize Funds: Nutrition Committee Travel Awards

These awards are available to assist early- and mid-career scientists to make and establish contacts with international counterparts by spending time in an institution outside the UK. The awards are available for work in the broad areas of human nutrition or crop science.

Researchers are often aware of laboratories and research groups outside the UK that have new techniques and methodologies that they would like to implement in their own research programmes, or which have facilities and data that are not available, or in limited supply, in the UK. Frequently such techniques are best learned by working alongside other researchers so that the difficulties and essential “know how” can be quickly assimilated without the pain of learning everything from scratch. Re-skilling is an essential element of every research scientist’s career. The Rank Prize Funds Nutrition Committee would like to encourage independent research scientists in early- or mid-career to experience a different international working environment and to acquire new skills or to access facilities or data that are unavailable in their home institution. The Committee is keenly aware that spending time away from family can be difficult at these career stages so is prepared to entertain imaginative proposals that reduce this potential difficulty.

Application Criteria 

The award is available to members of academic and research staff of UK universities research institutes and other organisations who are defined as eligible for funding under the criteria used by research councils. Although there is no restriction on the rank or salary band of applicants, the Committee will give priority to those in early- or mid-career.

How to apply 

Applications should be submitted to The Rank Prize Funds by 17.00 on Monday 29 January 2018 using the form available below. It is expected that the Committee will consider these within six weeks and determine a shortlist of candidates. If necessary, applicants will be interviewed on or about 14 April with a final decision by 30 April.

Please submit your application in one .pdf file to