The aim of STEM for BRITAIN is to encourage, support and promote Britain's early-career research scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians, who are an essential part of continuing progress in, and development of, UK research.

Poster presenters are in the early part of their career (MSc/PhD/Post Doc or similar) either in academia or in industry. STEM for BRITAIN welcome returners and those starting a second career - age is unimportant.

    APPLY online.  Application deadline extended: 4 January 2019

    Application Criteria 

    In order to encourage maximum participation by early-career researchers and Members of Parliament, the competition is divided into five subject areas:

    • Biological and Biomedical Science
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Engineering
    • Mathematics

    There will be two judged poster exhibitions, each ending with a reception and prize-giving. The competition currently attracts around 500 entrants, approximately 35% are selected to present their work in Parliament.  STEM for BRITAIN awards are made on the basis of the very best research by an early-stage or early-career researcher, together with their ability to communicate their work to a lay audience.

    Prizes will be awarded for the posters presented in each discipline which best communicate high level science, engineering or mathematics to a lay audience.

    The Westminster Medal for the overall winner will be awarded in memory of the late Dr Eric Wharton, who did so much to establish SET for Britain as a regular event in the Parliamentary calendar.

    How to apply 

    To apply the online application form will need to be completed and submitted by 4 January 2019, including suppling an abstract of work (.pdf format) no more than a single A4 page and supply the name of the referee, normally a supervisor or senior academic colleague.

    All three parts of your application, including the reference MUST be submitted by the closing date 4 January 2019. It is best not to wait until the day of the deadline as high volume submissions on the final day can clog up the system and serious delays may occur.

    Applications will be acknowledged by STEM for BRITAIN and applicants will be informed of the judges' decision on allocation of places in the competition by the end of January 2019.

    Judges are senior scientists from the relevant Learned Societies. They will use the following criteria:

    • Is the submission well written?
    • Does it have a clear concise introduction?
    • Does it make clear the contribution of the applicant/presenter?
    • How long has the applicant been working on the project?
    • What is the likely impact?
    • How difficult / complex is the project?
    • Could the poster be understood by a lay audience?

    Please contact the STEM for BRITAIN administrator team with all enquries.